Kaisho Instructors


Sean Connley

Owner of Kaisho - Safeguarding / Welfare Officer

I have been in the martial arts for over 40 years. Firstly learning Karate where I obtained 1st Dan Black Belt, followed by Kickboxing, also obtaining 1st Dan Black Belt 6th Dan in Ju-Jitsu, which I was given on the 23rd September 2015 by Cobra Martial Arts. I worked in the security industry for 6 years and have competed in tournaments around the UK being crowned. I have trained with some experienced instructors in and around the UK for many years. I have also been invited to teach at number of seminars throughout the country, and in December 2004 I was privileged to receive an award in the Black Belt Hall of Fame for my services to the Martial Arts. I have been very lucky to still have Sensei Rolo as my sensei for these past 40 years.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Michael Dorran

Michael Doran

2nd Dan Instructor

My role at Kaisho is to teach all groups from infants, juniors, teenagers to adults. I resentley recieved my 2nd dan in Ju-Jitsu. I like to train more in Kickboxing and enjoy that side of training. I am currently studying business studies at college

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Steve Jeffs

Steve Jeffs

2nd Dan Instructor

I have been with Kaisho Martial Arts for 8 Years. I started training once a week, then moved on to 3 times a week plus every other sunday when we started training for our dan grades. I have always been into some sort of martial arts since i was young, Kaisho was the only one I have stuck with mainly because I think It would actually be useful should i need to defend myself or someone else. I have been very lucky to be Mentored by Sensei Sean & to be Taught by his Sensei, 9th Dan Sensei Rolo. Not many clubs were you can do that. I was very proud to receive my Dan Grade, probably the the hardest thing I have done. I now run my own club through kaisho in Hitchin teaching 4 to 11 year olds, which I never thought I would be confident enough to do when I started.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Lisa Herbert

Lisa Herbert

2nd Dan Instructor - Gradings Officer

I have now been at Kaisho for 7+ years and I have enjoyed every single minute! I have worked hard and made it through all my gradings. I then trained 2-4 times a week for 12 months (with a 2 week rest in between to get married), training for my black belt 1st Dan. I even had the honour of being taught and trained with my Grand Master. There has been blood, sweat and tears but throughout it all, I have had the support and encouragement from Sensei Sean and my fellow students who went through all that training with me, I would never have made it through without them!! I am now a 2nd Dan, and I have the privilege of teaching fantastic children and adults and passing on my knowledge to them, and learning new things from my students.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Kieran Savill

Kieran Savill

1st Dan Instructor

I have been training at Kaisho for 7 years now and I received my 1st Dan black belt in Ju-jitsu in September 2018. Over the years I have teaching children to adults in Letechworth. One day I hope to run my own full time class with Kaisho. I am currently training for my level 1 coaching instructors badge with Kaisho and Cobra Martial Arts, our governing body.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Sue Smith

Sue Smith

2nd Dan Instructor

I have been with Kaisho since 2013 initially training and working my way up the belts; being awarded my Black Belt in October 2018. Since 2017 I have been teaching all ages from 4 to adults at various sites. At first I was assisting the lead instructor but now I am taking classes as the lead instructor under the mentorship of Sensei Sean Connley I passed my Cobra Level 1 instructor exam in May 2019 and I am currently working towards my 2nd Dan in Jui-Jitsu.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Steve Green

Steve Green

2nd Dan Instructor

I've been training with Kaisho for almost five years. I trained in Jujitsu while studying at University and wanted to find a good local club to carry on training. Started training one day a week but became more and more addicted and now train three times a week. I'm currently a first Dan in Jujitsu and Kickboxing, while training for my second Dan. Training at the club has not only helped me become better at self defence but also helped me increase my confidence.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Teasha Mitchell

Teasha Mitchell

1st Dan Instructor

In 2015, when my son was 4 yrs old, I took him for his first free jujitsu session. He loved the Little Kaisho Warriors and went every Sunday. Shortly afterwards I enquired about the adult sessions. I wondered whether it would be something I could do. My self confidence and body image was low, which I found out later is quite common for new mums. I liked the supported and relaxed way of teaching at Kaisho, whilst keeping structured classes. Today I'm a black belt (1st dan). I attend 3-4 classes a week and teach another 2 classes with my fellow sensei's. Kaisho has not only hugely improved my fitness but also my self esteem, self confidence and positivity. It's full of genuinel lovely people, who I'm proud to call friends.

Kaisho Martial Arts Fred Savill 2nd Dan Instructor

Fred Savill

2nd Dan Instructor

I have been training in kickboxing for 5 years, in that time with Sean’s help I have achieved my 1st Dan black belt in Kickboxing. I now run a Kickboxing class every Friday evening ( Adults only ) and now progressing to become a level 1 coach, set by our martial arts governing body. Now I am training towards my 2nd Dan for Kickboxing. Outside martial arts, I have work as a personal trainer, and I have number of other sports I do.

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Satnam Mann

Satnam Mann

1st Dan Instructor

In January 2012 l was invited to undertake a 12month intensive Black Belt training course under the tutelage of the late great Grandmaster Sensei Dave Rolo. Easter 2013 I was honoured to receive my First Dan Black Belt. I am now an Instructor in my own right. I run two classes at St Christopher School in Letchworth, Infant and Juniors. I also help to run Junior and Senior Classes at Fearnhill School on Wednesdays. I am also undertaking the Cobra Level 1 Instructors Course and intend to work my way through the subsequent cobra Levels.

Kaisho Martial Arts Catherine Coggins 1st Dan Instructor

Catherine Coggins

2nd Dan Instructor

My role at Kaisho is to teach all groups from infants, juniors, teenagers to adults. I resentley recieved my 2nd dan in Ju-Jitsu. I like to train more in Kickboxing and enjoy that side of training. I am currently studying business studies at college

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Matt Neville

Matt Neville

1st Dan Instructor

I have been training with kaisho for 2.5 years to where I have undertaken a 12-month intensive black belt training program, to where I am currently training at present 4/5 days a week. In September I received my 1st Dan Black Belt to which I never thought would happen. Within my time at Kaisho I have built up my confidence and fitness to which was my main goal when I started. I am currently teaching on Saturday and Sunday to both juniors and adults whilst doing that I am training myself and working towards my level 1 cobra instructors teaching badge. Although it has been a tough ride, I wouldn't change it as I get to train with both students as well as instructors. Sensei sean has taught me things that I didn’t think I could and would never achieve. I am currently working towards my 2nd Dan Belt and will continue to train 4/5 days a week and to work towards achieving my level 1 instructors’ badge