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Grading Process


The majority of Martial Arts use a grading system signified by coloured belts. This enables the instructor to establish a students’ progress.

Students will only grade when they have completed their progressive grading syllabus sheet, to be signed off by two instructors. However, it is the clubs policy not to rush a student through a grading.  The instructors will only put a student forward for grading when they feel that he/she is ready. Students must have attended 75% of club training, before they will be considered for their grading.    

Kaisho Head of Gradings


2nd Dan Instructor

Kaisho Martial Arts Instructor Lisa Herbert-2

Belt Gradings

Every student starts with a white belt and then progresses through the various belts as follows:

Little Kaisho Warriors Belts
Kaisho Martial Arts - Warriors Belts
Kaisho Martial Arts Gallery Picture KMA-75
Kaisho Martial Arts Gallery Picture KMA-71
Grading dates and times

Grading will be held three times a year on the following months

  • March/April time before Easter holidays
  • July time before the summer holiday
  • November time before the Christmas holiday
Booking Gradings

Please select the location and group you attend and follow the link to pay your next gradings online.