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What Makes Kaisho Different

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A Simple Message

We combine the Ju Jitsu with Karate and Kickboxing techniques that will provide you with comprehensive self protection martial arts. We do not practice just self-defence and we do not practice our martial arts as a sport. We practice a combination of traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu techniques with modern Combat Martial
Arts that offers our students a unique training opportunity to learn the style of martial arts that is still used by the world’s leading Special Forces today.

  • A unique approach to self-defence
  • Stay fit and stay safe with ancient martial arts training
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem with the knowledge of combat
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Based on Traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu

As part of our training, the Martial Arts we teach has progressed from simply from Self-Defence techniques designed to fend off an assailant. It is more closely aligned with Combat Ju-Jitsu
techniques that are taught for removing the threat from the opponent. The traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu systems classically focussed their attention on throwing, pinning, and joint-locking techniques on your opponent. Other martial arts systems rely more on striking techniques.

Serious Training

We do not take our training lightly. We ensure there is a code of respect and control and do not feel you can simply learn your Martial Arts over the course of a weekend, which some others may claim. We ensure you understand the techniques but also the ethos used by the original Samurai practitioners.

  • Develop your training into a life-skill
  • Never forget how to defend with effective teaching methods
  • Grow and develop your personality along with the trainings
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Proud Members Of Cobra
  • National Supporting Body

    National support ensures we maintain the highest standards in our facilities

  • Registered Black Belts

    Offical Black Belts come with their accompanying certificate and official documentation.

  • Quality Training

    Our instructors are all official certified to the highest level